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#1  – This Time Next Year


The musical starts with the clock striking 11.45pm on New Year's Eve. One by one, the characters enter.

Introducing the characters in order of appearance:
AMELIA: The opening number starts with a rather angry, loud, and possibly quite drunk Amelia, shouting at her husband Simon. Her plans for New Year have been scuppered and she’s annoyed. She seems to want everything her own way. He leaves in a huff as she’s left pondering what the future holds for her.

SIMON: Simon is the charismatic American ‘Editor-in-Chief’ of the London newspaper The West End Echo. He seems very committed to his job and is clearly finding the demands of his British wife, Amelia, a little on the overbearing side as he’s used to getting everything his own way.

ELLA: A bubbly, excitable young woman in her early twenties, we meet Ella listening to a voicemail on her phone with her older sister Sophie. She’s just received news that she’s got a new job and starts it tomorrow, of all days! She can’t stop listening to the message (much to her sister’s annoyance) who just wants to enjoy the party. From this it’s plain to see that Ella has quite a crush on her new boss. Now that should make for a fun office dynamic!

SOPHIE: The show starts on the evening of New Year’s Eve. Everybody’s buzzing around and there is excitement in the air, and none more than Sophie; a stupidly optimistic woman in her late twenties. She’s looking forward to partying the night away with her sister Ella, and hopefully her boyfriend Martin. If she can find him, that is.

CHARLOTTE: Who is Charlotte? A feisty woman in her late twenties, she first appears on the phone to someone who seems to be in some distress. She manages to calm him down and arranges to meet him to talk it through. We then find out it’s Simon as she wishes him a Happy New Year. But what does her sung section actually mean?

The video has a captioning option which can be turned on if you'd like the lyrics.