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Music and Words


8) Because I'm Me [Simon & Chorus]

Dedicated to Chris Collington who I hope will make the very best (worst?) Simon 

Simon: It's true I have a gift,
I've been blessed with it since I was small
Women can't help but flock to me,
I should, and I can, have it all.
What makes me irresistible?
It's simple...can't you see?

Adoring girls: No, why?

Simon: Because I'm me.

It's all too easy, so classy, not sleazy.
I just love to take control,
my busy life, my regrettable wife,
pleasure and power is my goal.

They come one by one,
no rest 'til I am done.

Adoring girls: But, why?

Simon: Because I'm me.
Just because, because I'm me.
It's inevitable, predictable, pleasurable,
and who would turn this down?

I'm unforgettable, undeniable, fearless and brave,
and for this I wear the crown.
Because I'm me,
just because, because I'm me.

Women say that I'm...
   That their time with me...

They can't seem to help it,
and now, they'll tell you why!

Adoring girls: Simon we love you!
Oh, it's so true.
Simon we need you!
It's us for you.
Can't help but want you!
You know it's true.
Teach us a lesson...
...of how to share a moment with you.

Simon: One by one, it's magic!
Oh god, it's tragic!
The needy, the nerdy, the nervous.
I'm your one man public service!

Because I'm me,
Just because, because I'm me.
Because I'm me!
Just because, because I'm me.
Because I'm me.
Just because, because I'm me.

Ya da da. Ya da da da da.
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