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Music and Words

Demo recordings are now being worked on, so we've cleared down the old clips page to get ready!
Keep checking back, all demos should be up in September 2020.
In the meantime, here is the running order!

First Half

1) This Time Next Year [Ella, Sophie, Amelia, Charlotte & Chorus]
2) Moving On [Sophie and Charlotte]
3) Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait [Amelia]
4) Simon Says [Simon & Chorus]
5) It's Time for Me to Shine (Grow a Pair) [George]
6) Always Outside Looking In [Ella & Chorus]
7) Fifty Ways to Kill My Lover's Lover [Charlotte]
8) Because I'm Me [Simon & Chorus]
9) Lipstick on Your Mind [Amelia]

Second Half

10) Written in the Stars [Sophie, George & Chorus]
11) What Happens Now? [Ella]
12) When Simon Said [Amelia, Charlotte, Sophie, Ella]
13) Serendipity [George & Sophie]
14) Safe in These Arms [George & Sophie]
15) Impossible to Me [Charlotte & Leila]
16) Stay, Let Me Hold You For a While [Geoff]
17) Go On, Get Out, Get Gone [Amelia]
18) So Simon Said [George, Charlotte, Amelia, Ella, Sophie]
19) After it Rains [Full Cast]

Keep checking back for updates
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