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Music and Words


16) Stay, Let Me Hold You For a While [Geoff]

Dedicated by Sam to her husband Matt:  
‘who has stood by my side and continues to be my rock in the storm’


Stay let me hold you for a while,
stay rest your head close to my heart,
and if I promise not to cry,
please say you'll stay just for a while.

You are my light, you are my world,
You are my life, you are my soul.
You gave me love, you filled my heart,
love of my life you make me whole.

And when you leave me, I pray for love,
that you are safe that you are free.
May God protect you and keep you from harm,
for now you're safe and here with me

I never told you all you've done,
of love and joy and battles won.
We never danced in fickle rain,
you never let me share your pain.

I can't protect you now, now you're gone.
I pray to you O God on high,
to let the light break through the dawn,
the love we shared will never die.

…there will be sun, after it rains!
For now, in death, you are reborn,
my love until we meet again,
love of my life, we'll meet again.
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