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Music and Words


18) So Simon Said [Sophie, Ella, Amelia, Charlotte]

Ella: But this will ruin him! 

Charlotte: Well, it's not like he's innocent.

George: Beat him at his own game: trial by media.

Sophie: So Simon said what goes around comes back around,
it's ours to take,
So Simon said.

George: So Simon said, 'print what you like,
the ethical can take a hike!',
So Simon said.

Charlotte: So Simon said, 'you know who's boss?'

Amelia: Yeah, I'm on top.
Who's laughing now?

Charlotte: So Simon says.

Ella: I know when he said
that he needed me I would be there...
...why was it so wrong?

Sophie: No, you can't think like that.
He's getting exactly what he deserves.

Charlotte: If he's got any sense he'll leave and never come back.

All: So Simon said 'the people choose',
so much to lose,

Sophie: He's really screwed!

All: So Simon said.

Amelia: So Simon said.

Ella: Poor Simon said.

All: So Simon... …said!
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