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#3 – Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait


Amelia is busy making dinner for her family when she receives a call from her husband Simon. He is having to stay late at work…again…and won’t be home until tomorrow. This seems to be happening a lot. He seems to have grown ever distant and colder towards her and she’s beginning to have serious concerns about what might be behind it. Amelia is left to think about her situation. She’s a desperate, unhappy trophy wife just longing for the life she had dreamt of; creating a family and sharing in precious moments.

Amelia feels that her life is on a permanent pause. Her absent husband leaves much to be desired, there are huge ‘red flag’ warnings and she’s starting to believe that her hopes and aspirations will never be fulfilled. From the audience’s perspective, she’s treading a fine line between being selfish, from one person’s perspective, and conversely being very vulnerable from another's.

Has she left it too long to change where she is in her life, or can she pull herself out of the rut she is stuck in?

The video has a captioning option which can be turned on if you'd like the lyrics.